Directors: Olivier Boulanger & Martin Koscielniak
Country of Origin: Brussels, Belgium
Format: 35mm
Color - 2.05 minutes. (1998)

A striking "hand-painted" parody of Chinese propaganda films
that were posthumously inflicted on Europe in the 1960’s.
As the filmmakers note —
"With the involuntary help of The Central Newsreel and Documentary.

Congratulations! Your film "Tiny Sunbathers"
was given the award for best experimental film in the SUFF festival!

In a couple of weeks you will receive the trophy, which is a handcrafted,
one of a kind handmade stand with a mounted 24carat gold-plated
400ft 16mm film reel.

We screened Tiny Sunbathers twice: first as a video part of a shorts program,
then in 35mm opening for the feature film Night Train.
It was beautiful on the full-size theatre screen!
OK, once again congratulations.

Yours, Steve Creson, Festival Director.