Graphic design Consultant

Conception, follow-up of creation & working-out for illustrations, graphic design & printed material for the conference "Parl Eu Net",
Pégase Foundation, Brussels, 2000.

Audiovisual Consultant for the European Commission

Information Program for the European citizen, Priority Information Actions (96/99).
Consultant on the working of the European Union & its Institutions.

Conception, development, production & follow-up of the audiovisual strategy: communication of messages through broad public TV programs: TV series, animation, talk shows, magazines & documentaries).

Head of coproduction planning & production coordinator :
8 pilot-projects of TV series representing more than 100 hours of TV programs, as supports of audiovisual communication of messages from the European Union & its Institutions. Writing of numbers of presentation dossiers for audiovisual projects: TV-graphics, TV series, meeting for heads of television channels, & many administrative dossiers, including presentation of the 8 TV pilots-projects for financial commitment (explanatory notes & arguments).

Contacts with European televisions & producers.

Scriptwriting Advisor, for the 8 pilot-projects of TV series.
Conception of an information animated TV series
on the working of the European Institutions & widely on the working of the European Union.

Responsible for graphical & audiovisual identity of the priority information action "Building Europe Together ". Conception & working-out of the graphical identity on printed & audiovisual materials. Follow-up of production for the different applications on multiples supports (printed, audiovisual & multimedia).

Contacts with the Commission Representations Offices in the Member States.
Contacts with the General Secretary: responsible for graphic design & presentation of the brochure "The European Union in action against drugs" 32 pages. Conception, follow-up of creation & working-out for illustrations & graphic design of the brochure.

Conception, preparation & working-out of the "Meeting of the European televisions head officers" which, held by the European Commission, in January 1997, gathered 65 Head officers of 42 television channels from the 15 Member States of the Union. This meeting allowed to define "how to develop collaborations between television channels & European Institutions, to answer the needs of information on Europe, through national television programs, as expressed by the European viewers".