Graphic design Consultant
Conception, follow-up of creation & working-out for illustrations,
graphic design & printed material
for the conference "Parl Eu Net",
Pégase Foundation, Brussels, 2000.

Audiovisual Consultant for the European Commission
Information Program for the European citizen,
Priority Information Actions (96/99).

Conception, development, production & follow-up
of the audiovisual strategy.
Head of coproduction planning & production coordinator.
TV series for more than 100 hours of prime-time TV programs.

Responsible for graphical & audiovisual identity
Priority Information Action "Building Europe Together ".
Conception & working-out of the graphical identity
on printed & audiovisual materials.
Follow-up of production for printed, audiovisual & multimedia applications.

Responsible for graphic design & presentation
of the brochure "The European Union in action against drugs" 32 pages.
Conception, follow-up of creation & working-out for
illustrations & graphic design of the brochure (for the General Secretary) 1998.